Davey B. Gravey is not only a purveyor of tiny films, but a relatively amateur screen-printing artist as well! Would you like a Tiny Cinema garment of some kind?

Here's how it works: every Tiny Cinema garment is custom made. Fill out this form to let Davey B. know what sort of TC garment you'd like to put on your bod. You could either:

1. Tell Dr. Graves what type of garment, color of garment, and size of garment that you'd like. T-shirts typically run $15, jackets and sweatshirts are more in the $20 arena.


2. Maybe you have an existing garment that you'd like to transform into a Tiny Cinema garment? Davey is happy to screen-print the logo onto your existing clothes! $5 fee for the TC upgrade.

Shipping & payment will be agreed upon via email and fulfilled through paypal or personal meetup. Contact Dr. Gravey now to get the order process started!

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